Locate when clicked in empty space for Key Editor

#featurerequest Please make it so the “Locate when clicked in empty space” under the Transport setting applies to the key editor and NOT just the project window. This is incredibly frustrating for composers/beat makers/midi players… Every DAW has this to date, except for Cubase. Name one that does not? This is a big negative for people who use primarily MIDI and drives them away from Cubase. There are even Famicom trackers that have this. Please kindly consider it for existing and future Cubase users.

I’m a primary midi user since the late 90s. It doesn’t bother me much considering all the other modifiers I have to remember.

In the Key and Drum editors, for Windows 10 sft+alt+left click achieves that. If you are requesting 1 mouse click without any sft+alt in the Key/Drum editors for locate, and it doesn’t adversely effect any current midi editing, that would be swell.

That hoykey is not working in Cubase 13 pro. It just shows the pencil tool and does not set the transport to the current location under the mouse. If I click it just draws a note. I know I am not alone as other forums such as on FL Studio and Reaper this is often a topic that makes users against Cubase. As for myself, I like everything about Cubase EXCEPT this…

Seeing how this is already implemented in the project view, it would be a logical step for it to be in other parts of the program. Also, it’s just quicker. I have my left hand on my piano or hardware synth, i don’t want to fiddle with a hot key (the one you mentioned does not work unfortunately). A personal issue is I have carpal tunnel. I don’t want to contort my hand in a small space for a hotkey. Hopefully Cubase will see the usefulness of this has it’s already partially implemented.

Its working in C13 pro. I use it daily.

You may have to check where your midi modifiers are set up.

Fully understood.

This has been a request for at least 15 years. I think there is/was a reason for not doing this, but I can’t recall atm. You can always make another FR adding the consistency factor. I think the default in preferences for the Project Page is checked, so that should indicate that a lot if not the majority of users like clicking anywhere in the Project Page.

Again, if it’s not working for you, I would check if you have a conflicting or deleted midi modifier.