Locating audio files in the Batch processor

Hi there,
I’m trying to figure out a workflow for the following scenario:

I have numerous batch processor presets that were saved with their own dedicated file lists.
I want to change the paths for the file lists to a different drive in my system that contains duplicates of all those files with exact same name.

There is a good reason for this strange workflow but before I explain it - I really want to know if this is possible.
I tried using the Locate Folder feature but it loads all the files in the path I choose and not only the ones that were already loaded into the Batch processor.

So - I basically want to know if there is a way for WL to locate the files in the file list and refresh the path in the batch processor preset.


Sorry, this is not possible.
A function to export / import the file list, as text, would have been helpful for this case.
I note the idea for a future update.

Yes that would be helpful. Thanks for considering that.
However, it would be even better if there could be a “locate missing” files feature in the batch processor in cases where old batch process presets are trying to recall files that are in a different path but otherwise are named exactly the same.

Any idea when such export/import feature will be implemented? This will definitely solve this issue since it’s very easy to batch rename the text to reflect the new paths of samples.