Location and recovery of .vstsound content set

Hi, i was getting a message quite frequently saying the .vstsound Soul Assembly was missing. My backup software recovered FCP_SMT_248_Soul_Assembly.vstsound to what seems to be the regular content folder s:programdata/steinbery/content/vstsound and for good luck ran the Steinberg Library Manager. Sadly this content does not show up in a search of mediabay when I search all media for ‘soul’ and browse the content set column for the resultant items. Anyone know why this isn’t working? Oddly enough while I was doing this I noticed this and 3 other vstsound files had shortcuts in the vstsound folder. I found their files on my sample drive, copied them the the vstsound folder and they DID show up in MediaBay. So why didn’t this work for Soul_Assembly?

Because of this issue I started looking for other vstsound files on my system incase they were out of place and found my 9 of them starting from FCP_SMT_001_cubase to 009 in C:program files/steinberg/cubase/cubase 10/vstsound. Does anyone know what these files are and how I check they are being used as part of the content? I was hoping the Library Manager might help in all this but it seems to work at a higher level than .vstsound files.

All this has made me wonder how you can check you have all the content installed correctly.
Very grateful for any help on this topic.

strange to see no response in over a year. I just got the same message, after updating from 10.5.12 to 10.5.20. As I don’t think I knew that I had it, I’m not missing it, but would like to know the answer to this question all the same

Hi Marcabru, I haven’t seen this missing vstsound file error for ages so not sure what the problem was. I do wonder as I say above how a person knows they have all the content loaded correctly. MIne is all download rather than via CD.