Location of HSSE sounds..?

Hi. I’m trying to find the folder (assuming it exists) that contains all the sounds for HSSE. I thought it would be in the Steinberg folder somewhere; just a bunch of .wav files that I could drag and drop into Groove Agent.

I’ll explain what I’m trying to do. There’s a decent beat I want to use that is in the Tekno drum kit in HSSE. I’ve realised that I can’t edit the ‘release’ within HSSE itself, so, I was looking, hoping to find the .wav file for it in a folder somewhere, so I could throw it into Groove Agent and play with the ‘release’ knob in that, to get rid of a tiny bit of the end of the sample that I don’t want (it’s causing problems in a otherwise decent mix).

Can this be done or am I missing something?


I’ve no idea if it can be done, but you could copy the folder from the installation disc to try it.


it can not be done. The presets are in a read-only archive and can not be used in the GroveAgent One.

It might be a little bit of a pain but… Couldn’t you trigger a few velocities of the HSSE drums in question, render the midi as WAV, then drop into GAO? i believe you could also trigger through the whole drum kit sequentially, slice it up in the sample editor and drop the whole kit into multiple pads.