Location of Key Commands Preset files (Cubase 10+ Mac)

Hey there,

I am unable to figure out where Key Commands preset files are located on MacOS? Users/[Username]/Library/Application Support/Steinberg doesn’t bring up anything for me. Isn’t the folder called “Key Commands” ?

Any help would be appreciated!


This is where the Key Commands presets are located on macOS (at least on macOS 10.14.6 Mojave):
/Users/[your_user_name]/Library/Preferences/Cubase 11/Presets/KeyCommands

You can navigate directly to this folder by using the “Go to folder” utility of Finder (cmd+shift+G). In the text field of this utility, type the following:
~/Library/Preferences/Cubase 11/Presets/KeyCommands

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Thanks mate! That was exactly what I was looking for.