Location of sound files

Possibly because I downloaded the installation files to D:\Downloads (as is normal on my PC), I now have all the sound files there as well, which would account for the relatively long time the program takes to open, as this is an HHD. Other Dorico files are there as well, I can see.

How can I transfer these to Drive C, which is an SSD, ensuring that Dorico knows where to find them?

I’m sure everyone is busy today, of all days.

But if someone could help me on this problem I’d be grateful.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t believe you can actually change the installation location during the installation process on Windows, though perhaps I’m mistaken. Assuming your main system drive is drive C:, you should find the sound content here:

C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound

But it’s not there, I’m afraid.

I have a folder D:\Dorico 1.0.0 Full\Dorico_1_Installer_win\Dorico\Dorico for Windows\Additional Content\VST Sound which contains 78 files and is 9.57 GB. It contains 71 VST sound files and 7 .msi files.

It looks to me that these were installed on the same drive as the download.

Did you explicitly choose the D: drive as the destination during the installation process? (Last time I ran the Windows Dorico installer I was not aware of any point at which I could have influenced the installation target.)

It’s possible that they were installed in a user-specific directory - check the directory

%APPDATA%\Steinberg\Content\HALion\VST Sound\VST Sound - HSO

Try also searching your disk for the file FCP_SMT_001_HSO_Bass_Clarinet_Solo.vstsound (there should be 25 others in the same place). I would be surprised if they stayed in the directory you downloaded them to.

One thing to try: rename the directory ‘Dorico_1_Installer_win’ and run Dorico and see if you can start the app and play a score - if so then you know that you can delete the installer directory.

During the installation you can choose where to install the vstsound(s), you have to click on HALion Symphonic Orchestra title and select a new location in the box located at bottom - right: see attached image.

If you want to change it after an installation, you have to uninstall it and restart the installer

“Did you explicitly choose the D: drive as the destination during the installation process?”

I don’t think so, but I did choose D:\Downloads as the destination for the initial download.

“check the directory
%APPDATA%\Steinberg\Content\HALion\VST Sound\VST Sound - HSO”

There is no folder “Steinberg” under C:\users\C\AppData.

“If you want to change it after an installation, you have to uninstall it and restart the installer”

What exactly must I uninstall?

Sorry - I’m computer-savvy only up to a point!

Thanks for the replies so far.

call the installer of Dorico and then uninstall : HALionSonicSE and HALion Symphonic Orchestra…and then reinstall them, but before this change the location for these 2 components.

Ygrabit, this doesn’t work. I ran the installer, uninstalled everything, then reinstalled, specifying the default directories in Drive C:. The sound files remain on Drive D.

What I now have on Drive C is C:\Users\C\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content\VSTSound\User Content, which is empty. No sound files are in any folders under C:\Users\C\AppData.

On C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\HALion\VST Sound there are 29 sound files; C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\HALion\VST Sound\VST Sound - HSO shows 26 sound files; C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound shows 17 sound files (though these don’t seem to be actual instruments - they seem to be things like “presets”). So what I now have on Drive C seems to be an incomplete set of sound files, with the bulk (95 sound files) remaining on Drive D.

To Paul Walmsley: FCP_SMT_001_HSO_Bass_Clarinet_Solo.vstsound exists, with the 25 others, under C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\HALion\VST Sound\VST Sound. I have also renamed ‘Dorico_1_Installer_win’ and can still play back a sample score. I’m not sure what that proves.

Maybe I’m not understanding your post correctly, but the sound files appear to be correctly installed in c:\ProgramData, so you can delete the ‘Dorico_1_Installer_win’ directory on your D: drive because it is no longer required.

Thank you, Paul, once again, for your reply. I see your point, but I’m worried that the sound files on D aren’t the same as those on C. I haven’t checked them one-by-one, but there seem to be fewer on Drive C, for a start.

The actual installed content gets squirrelled away into a number of different places, whereas in your download directory they are probably in quite a flat structure. Try going to Explorer, navigate to your C: drive and in the top right search box type *.vstsound and count the number of files that result. If you have the same as in your D: installer directory then you’re good to go.

I’m about to install Dorico and am concerned about what I am reading here. Before I start the process I’d like a clerer picture of what I’m allowed to do.

I want Dorico installed on my D drive - an internal HDD.
I want the sound library installed on my C drive - an internal SSD.
The installation file is on my Z drive - a networked drive.

Err, maybe that last point is apparently not true. The Steinberg Download Assistant is is on my Z drive. The Dorico installation files went into my Windows “Download” file which is absolutely unacceptable to me. What will happen if I move it to where it belongs in my environment - to my set of product downloads on my Z drive.

Someone implied that Dorico and Halion were installed on the same drive as the installation file (which would be disastrous for me). That was debunked, wasn’t it?

As far as I’m aware, after everything had been installed you can delete the downloaded files (or archive them off onto an external drive for future use). When you run the installer, I think it does give you the option of where to install HSO (the audio samples). Just take care to step through the installer carefully so you don’t miss the option.

Actually, it was easier than that. The downloaded installation file was a .zip file so it could be moved anywhere. And I unzipped it to my internal D drive - the HDD - for faster installation.

If that option was there, I missed it. The installer let me pick a drive, but only one. I picked D. But it looks like that was just for the installation of D:\Program Files\Steinberg\Dorico. But the ASIO and VSTPlugins folders went into C:\Program Files\Steinberg. No option for picking it.

All the Halion stuff all went into my AppData/Roaming directory. No option for picking. If my AppData had been on my HDD I’d be stuck with slow access.

I understand the the Dorico developers and programmers have no say in the way Steinberg packages its software so my comments here are not directed at you people, but this is a pretty tacky installation procedure. This is my introduction to Steinberg and I’m not impressed.

As shown in Yvan’s post in this very thread, if you choose each component in turn in the installer at the right point, you can choose the installation location for each bit. You could always uninstall and run the installer again if you want to move the content to another location.