location of strap button on acoustic

I can’t stand my strap tied to the head any longer. I’ve done some research and I see theres 3 fav spots, the body, the neck ridge where it meets the body and on the bottom. I can’t make up my mind where to drill, lol, has anyone installed one, where did you put it and how is it working?

I wouldn’t recommend drilling into the body on an acoustic. I would recommend on the neck (on the bottom side, toward the floor) near where it joins the body. That way you are drilling into solid wood and it provides a good balance for the instrument and keeps the strap out of the way of your hands and arms.

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Suggest you go to a guitar store and see how different manufacturers approach the matter. Find the strap-peg-placement that feels right to you and then fit your guitar thus. This way you know beforehand what to expect, and what works to your satisfaction. Make sure that whatever you choose, the retrofit solution will fit in your case. Good luck.

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ya I didn’t like the body idea either, I seen it done but I don’t think theres enough wood there. I like the bottom of the neck to but its pretty curvy there, I better go to the shop, pics on the net don’t reveal much, thanks for the reply.

hmm, good advice, never thought of that, the hard shell case might rule out a location, thankyou

Most of the guitars I’ve owned or seen have the peg on the body below the neck or slightly to one side

Where guitars have the peg on the body, rather than on the “heel” of the neck, it will be because there would be some sort of bracing at that point.

I DIY’d a strap button on my last guitar purchase. I copied the position from another guitar that I own from the same manufacturer.

I’ve been using one of these for a little while …

… makes the whole neck end strap attachment thing a little less painful.

But, I’ve been wanting to put a strap button on my J-45 for awhile now. I just can’t decide where to put it.

I’m thinking one of these locations …

… a spot with a fair amount of meat, but also where the strap has a chance to lay at a comfortable angle.

I guess I should just do it. I already plowed a half-inch hole in it for an L.R. Baggs M1 Passive jack. What’s another hole going to hurt. This guitar and I have been through a lot of crap together. I think she’ll understand.

This is where we do it at Collings. http://www.collingsguitars.com/Images/faq/strap-bttn-install-lg.gif


P.S. You must drill the pilot hole at an angle that makes it perpendicular to the surface of the neck where the button will go, so the button will sit flat.

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