Locator memories (for export)?

Hi folks,

Imagine this:

I’m working on a mix for a client. I want to be able to easily export the whole mix from a specific start and end point, say from 3.5 seconds (from the start) until 3mins 40secs.

Obviously i can do this by setting the locator points, but this is a little annoying to have to select each time i want to export. Is there an easy way to set two points (locators or markers?) that i can easily recall later so that every time i export, it exports the exact same audio (in terms of start & end points and length)?

mmmm, clear as mud methinks!

Thanks! …J

OK, i think i made a nice workaround:

Create a midi track and on that track create an empty midi sequence that has the exact length you want to export.

Via the visibility panel, hide everything except that midi track.

Then: ctrl + A (select all), then P (set locators to selection). This will place the locators on the left & right edges of the midi sequence.

Bob’s your uncle, now you can export the exact same length every time!

In fact this would also work nicely as locator settings memories / presets: Create a folder with multiple midi tracks and empty midi sequences. Each midi sequence can be used to recall a locators setting in the way described above!

Why the hell would you want to do this? Here’s an example: you’re mixing a live concert and, apart from exporting it as one long file, you also want to be able to export separate songs (for client approval or whatever). You could do so with the method i described, so if you need to do recalls, you can always export the songs with the same length.

I think it may be easier than you realize :slight_smile:

On a Marker track, you can create not only single points, but ranges. On my computer, the modifier is Ctl + Alt to draw a range.

When you want to export, just double-click the range and the locators will snap to it. You can have multiple ranges and give them all different names if you want.

I often do it the same way when i’m tracking a band.
After setting the range, I create a midi track, double click in it to create a container. Then it’s just selecting that midi part and press p.
I know it’s a little silly with that placeholder-sort-of track, but it is really fast to work with.
Obvius the way meta-redundant does it, is the way it is intended :slight_smile: