Locator range duration in H:M:S on control click

Hi ppl! :slight_smile:

I had another feature request about a tape measure tool that you could use by just click in on position and drag and when you let go you’d get one of those little pop ups in the middle of the screen showing the length in hours, minutes, seconds and frames or in one of the other time formats available for the project cursor.

Now by pure luck I found a box in the upper Toolbar called Locator Range Duration that shows the … range of the locator of all things haha, and that’s fine and dandy but it’s always just in bars and beats.
Every now and then I’d like to see more like minutes and seconds or any of the other time formats there is from one point to the other so if we could just change that format by control clicking or with a key command or … something!
Then I’d be very happy !!! :sunglasses: