Locator shortcut change?

Lately when I press P, L or R only the bar entry position is selected, not the entire field. It’s annoying because I rarely stop play precisely on a bar and so have to double click the fields in the Transport to select the whole field rather than use the shortcut. Have I inadvertently changed a preference somewhere, or has Steinberg changed this (possibly in 8.5.20)? I don’t remember it ever being this way before.

I usually press p and then num + / to loop the section
If you want the cursor to go back to the start of project i think its num + .
N goes to the next event, that can be handy when your dealing with audio alot

Thanks for your answer xerix, but I’m talking about what happens when I use the P, L, & R shortcuts.

Here’s a screenshot - you see, only the bar position is selected, not the entire field.

Therefore if I stop playing at, when I want to go back to start again at bar 5, or set a locator point to there, the shortcut will only allow me to set it at unless I double click on the field with the mouse to select the whole field. Sort of defeats the purpose of a shortcut in my view as I rarely want to relocate at some random stop point in a preceding bar.

I am just wondering why this has changed. Is there a preference to make these shortcuts select the whole field? Even if I wanted to start mid bar, I would enter it myself. It used to be that way. i.e. type in 5.3 and the rest of the field would zero out.
Locator Shortcuts.jpg