Locators and MIDI


it may be stupid to ask this, anyhow: If I have a Cycle between two Locators and record MIDI Data there will always be a MIDI Region that is as long as the Cycle, can I somehow change that so that the MIDI Data is only as long as the bars I recorded?


Do you mean you want to have Nuendo play (for Example) a 4 bar phrase, but only record 1 bar of data.
Set the in and out points for the bar you want to record, then set the pre and post roll for the 4 bar
that you want to audition. remember to set the pre-post-in-out tabs on the transport bar to active
these functions.

If this is not what you want, please clarify


Hi Brian,

I guess it was stupid to ask this…well I just found out that if I am in Cycle Mode the whole cycle will be filled with a MIDI Region, when cycle mode is off then Nuendo only creates a region for the recorded bars…I just wonder why I never noticed this before.

No need for in and out points, but thanks anyway,