Locators Collapsing?

Anyone else noticed any issues with the locators in 7.0.4? I keep a -16 bar offset and I’ve got locators set to 1 and 9 with looping enabled and every so often I’ll check and the locators will have collapsed onto themselves at bar 1

Didn’t quite understand how they want us reporting these bugs or things so I just figured I’d see if anyone else had the issue here or maybe I’m just crazy?

EDIT: I just noticed when I hit Shift+B it does it, isn’t Shift+B the default command to take the playhead back to the beginning of a project?

Aloha k,
I have not noticed this.

I use the Locators quite a lot for looping purposes
in a ‘live on stage’ situation every weekend
so I would really notice (and with which I could not deal) any probs
with C7’s Locator functions.

So far, so good here.

Must be something with the -16 bar offset maybe, it seems to happen in every project, only when the playhead is in between the locators and when I click Shift+B

Just hit shift-b and then use the mouse and menu to open the Key Commands window. The last command invoked will be selected.

Shift-b default is Locate Previous Marker.