Locators Covering Measures in Key Editor

I have an issue that may be by design, user error, or configuration. in the Key editor, when I set my left or right locator positions where I am working, it covers the actual measures and measure numbers. See the attached screen shot (I set the left locator between measure 10 and 11 - past that, you cannot see the measures). If I am working in a large area, it makes it impossible for me to see what measure I am on. Can this behavior be changed?

This has occurred in 9.5, 9.5.1 and 9.5.2 Pro

No issues here, I can always clearly see the bar numbers no matter what I do. Make sure that your GPU drivers are updated.

BTW, your signature doesn’t mention which OS you’re using.

Windows 10 1709. Fully updated drivers on everything.

FWIW, this also happens on my Cubase Elements 9.5 that I run on my Microsoft Surface.

I think this is a prefs corruption in the colors setup. If you select a different color scheme from the User Interface-color schemes prefs page does it fix that?

What I did to fix various color scheme probs was to just restore a recent backup of my Cubase prefs folder (using Windows File History, Apple Time Machine can do the same of course.)

I can’t find a way to reproduce it though.

Just tried to change color schemes. Unfortunately, it did not fix the issue.

In that case, I would bet the prefs are corrupted. So try a Cubase Safe Start.

Thank you for your suggestion. I did try blow the preferences away, but the problem still remains. :frowning:

It must be graphics driver related. My Surface is fully up to date, but let me try the Intel version of the graphics driver, instead of the Gigabyte version.

Update - I went directly to the Intel site and downloaded the latest Graphics driver for the video - still no joy. :frowning:

I just opened a ticket via chat with Steinberg. I showed him a picture and a quick video, and he thought the issue was odd. Gave me an immediate ticket.

Coming from Sonar, that is good support.