LOCATORS - go to on click of Go To previous Marker Buttons

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New to Cubase:
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Q: Is there a setting to cause - the clicking of the “Go To previous Marker Buttons” - to go to the Locators?
I know this is not a huge deal - but just something that I am very used to… so helpful to productivity for me.

In other recording software - like Sequel 3 - when you click the “Go To previous Marker Buttons” (see attachment) It will scroll to the limit Locator on left or right - depending on which button you click.

In Cubase - it seems to be all about markers and marker management. Great for marking out specific parts.
But I really like setting up the locators and using the cycle to loop. Making some changes, clicking the “Go To previous Marker Buttons” to jump back to the start of the Locator or end - and back and forth. Then resetting the locators for my next focus.

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There are dedicated KeyCommands:

  • Go to Left Locator: Num1 (1 on numerical keyboard)
  • Go to Rgiht Locator: Num2.

Another way: Click to the “Left-Locator” or “Right-Locator” icon in the Transport panel. Does the same job.

It doesn’t make sense to have “previous” locator, because there are olways only 2 locators in the project. :wink:


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I can not find the " “Left-Locator” or “Right-Locator” icon in the Transport panel." -
are those visible in this attached screen shot?

The 2 buttons I have underlined there - go to markers - but not to the locators.

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I mean the Transport Panel itself (the dedicated panel), which you can open/close via F2 KeyCommand.

But if I’m right, you can display Locators panel also here, in the toolbar. Right-click to the toolbar, and select “Locators” (or something like this) from the drop-down menu.

Yes - I just uploaded a screenshot.

OK - Ill take a look.
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The L and R buttons on the left side of the Transport buttons are the Left/Right Locators, I’m talking about.

Martin Jirsak is absolutely right :smiley: -

see screen shot.

:bulb: I guess I would have clicked there… Eventually - but it was not immediately intuitive to me.

Thanks again for your help : )
screen 3-3.jpg

One of the really useful features in Cubase is the “Marker Track”

With Marker Track you can save locations and cycles and then, the magic, directly from the marker track’s drop down menus for Locate, Cycle and Zoom, any of the markers. You can do so much project navigation so easily with the Marker Track. Learn that and also learn Arranger Track. It’s taken me a few months go get up to speed but things are really falling into place for me now. Have fun.

click on the audio event and press “P” so select locator range on that event :nerd: