I Just installed Cubase 7.5.3 on my macbook pro .
for some reason when i try to define Left & right locators its working in a wrong way Command = Right locator
Option Left Locator . any one knows how to flip it as it should be .

Thanks in advance

That’s a strange issue! :slight_smile:
But if you go to “key preferences” you should be able to set them as you want.
Hope that helps a bit.


I copied my key commands from my PC and then i realised that i had to switch Command with CTRL.
I probably missed something when i started to change all my shortcuts it in the Key commands and Preferences (tools) and then this issue appeared . after all of this i discover i can change switch CTRL & Command through system preferences in my macbook pro.

bottom line i use cubase since atari but i have no idea how to solve this.

Here’s what the manual say about it - There are several ways to set locator positions:
• To set the left locator, press [Ctrl]/[Command] and click at the desired position in the ruler.
Similarly, pressing [Alt]/[Option] and clicking in the ruler sets the right locator. You can also drag the locator “handles” directly in the ruler.

It works the opposite for me . damn ! HELP :slight_smile:

You say you copied your key commands from a PC to a MAC? It’s possible that has caused an issue. Rename your preferences folder and restart Cubase so that you have a fresh set of configuration files. Go into Cubase and see if the problem persists.

NOPE ,let me re-phrase my question , i just need to know if its possible to define the option of Click+Alt (Left Locator) & Click+Command(Right locator) . I’m used to my PC setup and i’m trying to define it so it will feel the same .


lol, ok I thought you were saying it was broke, you just mean the settings are the other way round on Mac? But, that is normal on Mac? And, you want to flip the controls back around. There are keycommands for setting the locators to selection that I find better than the CTRL/ALT click version, however I don’t think there is a way to change the mouse enabled assignments. There are a handful of those that you can change in preferences, but I think they are all tool oriented. Not near my computer to check.