Trying to export AIFF file on songwriter demo. I set the left and right markers for beginning and end of song like I used to in previous Cubase version. But now when I go to export it says to set up locators. What is the difference? And how do I set locators so I can export? Using Elements 8 on MacBook Pro.

You set locators like every other version of Cubase…drawing with pencil in the ruler is one option.

I’m not aware of anything that could be called left and right markers though which makes me think you probably did set locators…if you think you did could you screencap your ruler area and some project under it.

Hard to make a guess without an image, but perhaps you have the locators reversed?

Finally got it to work. First set the left and right markers in the marker window. Then set the left locator by pressing option L in the transport panel. Then option R for the right locator. Then I can export.

Setting markers and then setting locators to match the markers is making this way more complicated than it needs to be.

Ctrl click the ruler for left and Alt click for Right (or whatever Mac equivalent are) or just hover over the ruler until you see the pencil and drag from left to right.

Using the pencil tool and dragging like you said is a lot easier and faster. Thanks for your help.