Lock and glue coming any time for events, maybe for 3.5?

Just a quick q on these two topics.

Let me give an example: I have a track I’m editing in Cubasis by doing a bit of cut-n-paste from another track. Now with 1/64-second timing in Cubasis, this works surprisingly well, I get nice, seamless joins. But keeping the bits of events together is a real PITA.

I can split an event and then “butt up” another bit of an event so I get a seamless transition but I cannot then glue or group these events together, right? Which means if I am not careful I can easily nudge an event left or right (just a teensy, 1/64 sec amount) and ruin the whole thing. Plus, I can’t even lock an event in place, so it could go anywhere if I am not super-careful. And the small screen size on the iPad (even on the 12" Pro) means I am often working on an event where I cannot possibly see the start and end so I cannot always see what I have done. I should not have to rely on Undo for this.

Can we not simply have the Cubase lock command? That would be a big help. And why can we split events but not glue them back together? Again, these are basic commands that would immensely improve editing on the iPad.

Hi @edMB,

Thanks for your message.

Am I right that you are talking about glueing audio events?
If so, please give “Track Freeze” a try to do so…

These are the steps:


  • Please go to “Setup/ Mixdown / Freeze” and disable “Unfreeze Deletes Audio Track”
  • Make sure “Track Freeze Uses Mixdown Settings” is enabled, and enable “Mixdown between locators” in the “Mixdown popup”


  • Set the L/R locators around the events you want to glue together
  • Tap on the “Track Freeze” icon
  • Once done, tap the “Track Freeze” icon again to unfreeze the track

Via these steps you can quickly create glued versions of your audio event segments, place them to other tracks etc.

Hope you got the idea and that this workflow will work out for you…


Hi Lars,

Thanks for getting back to me. I can’t use freeze instead of a simple join because freeze applies the entire effect chain. And apparently (I just checked) turns a mono track into a stereo clone. I don’t want to be working like that for the handful of event split/concatenate edits I usually do to a track.
I would just like to place two events next to one another and then either join them together to create a new event or – even better – lock them in place.

I only mentioned gluing/joining because that seemed simpler from a coding point of view. But to be honest, a lock would be better, like in Cubase. If that could be brought over to Cubasis, that would be immensely helpful for working on the limited iPad screen real estate.

This is exactly what I mean:

As it is, you can’t protect an event/track in Cubasis. Freeze is not the same thing, since it essentially is just a stub export at track/event level. I want to work with my raw events, not the rendered versions.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the app and have already got a bunch of YouTube videos done with it + LuamFusion, which works like a charm. And I can use WaveLab for surgical edits to the final waveform (I love the spectrum editing tool).

But please consider Cubase-style track/event locks in a forthcoming version of Cubasis :=).