Lock Envelope Point Horizontally While Changing Vertically

Is there a way to lock a volume envelope point horizontally (lock in time) while changing vertically (while changing gain)?

Nevermind, finally figured it out: click-red-hold, then ctrl-shift.

Thanks Bob. Just curious what you mean about the first step “click-red-hold”.

There’s a few times when this would be useful. I feel like I’ve done it before but never often enough to remember it.

Click the handle before pressing the key modifiers.

Thanks, I can do this now. I would have expected to have to press the key modifiers first to be sure that the handle/node is not moved at all such as an accidental move when first clicking it.

It actually pops back to the original horizontal point in time if you accidentally move it before pressing the modifier keys, so that seems to take care of that. It definitely takes some getting used to, but seems to work correctly. I guess the key modifier couldn’t easily come first because that’s taken by another function (?). There certainly are a lot of available functions in the montage.

This is done so, because Control + Shift + Click (and drag) does something else…