Lock Global Pad Settings - Groove Agent 5 SE

Hello everyone,

in the manual there is a “Lock Global Pad Settings” described:
where to find it?

Here a screenshot

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I think you’ve found a bug, and if not an error in the manual. The manual does state it should be there in GASE but it’s not. Here’s a screen shot from full Groove Agent 5 showing the Global Lock icon:

Since there isn’t a tag for bugs in this section, I would edit your title to start with BUG REPORT.

Indeed that part of the manual shouldn’t be there. The option to lock the pad settings is only useful when loading a different Kit to another Kit slot while Global mode is enabled, neither of which are features present in Groove Agent SE. The full version can load up to 4 kits simultaneously.

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Well then it is no Bug but a wrong description in the GA 5 SE manual, right?
→ as forum-moderator, can you inform the right people at Steinberg, so they can change the SE manual?

Thanx for the path through the jungle everyone :slight_smile:

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