Lock notation but adjust midi

Hello folks

Another embarrassingly amateurish question here I fear!

I use Hollywood Orchestra and with many instruments, especially strings, there is a delay with the legato patches. That’s how they were programmed - fine.
I work almost entirely in the score editor, entering notes by mouse.
So obviously the notation is ‘perfect’.
Is there way in Key Editor to drag notes a little to the left so as to offset the delay, but to not affect the notation?
I guess it’s kind of connected to Display Quantise.
I can’t use the method of applying an offset to a complete legato track because I use Expression Maps and so each track can include a number of different patches - most of which wouldn’t need the offset.

Any help very welcome!


A a couple of thoughts for you…

If you want the notes to line up you could highlight all the notes and then use the “nudge” function by holding the Ctrl key while using the left/right arrows on the keyboard.

If the whole track needed to be adjusting then you could try using the track delay function to adjust them into time. It won’t move the actual notes though. The track delay is in the inspector section (looks like a clock with arrows pointing left/right.

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Thanks for the response Prock, but I obviously didn’t explain myself very well.
Using the nudge function you describe affects the midi position and the notated position in score editor.
I want the scored notation that I initially enter by mouse to remain as it is, I only want to move the midi position.
And as I said it can’t be a whole track adjustment as not all instruments in the track will need the adjusting.
Thanks though! :slight_smile:

Anyone else got any suggestions?


… a couple of suggestions from me too :wink:
a) Use the MIDI track Inspector’s Delay parameter (this is just a Play parameter, so the MIDI will still be the same inside the MIDI Parts). The only possible adverse consequence might be (I haven’t tried this myself), is that, if you are also using VST Expression, the expression events might be a bit out of sync.

b) Duplicate the MIDI tracks… Mute the tracks that are to be seen in the Score, and advance the MIDI in the tracks that you will be listening to. Disadvantage, any further edits, you’ll have to edit both sets of MIDI tracks :wink:.

Thanks Vic

a) Like I said adjusting the delay parameter for the whole track would not work because, as I use Expression Maps, not every note or phrase would need delaying.
b)Hmm. I already have too many tracks! :wink:

I feel that there should be a solution because it seems very much like the concept of display quantise. In that case an imperfect performance is allowed to retain it’s off-grid spirit, but the display is quantised for efficient notation.
In my case the notation is entered by mouse, ‘perfectly’, then ‘imperfection’ is added by dragging notes slightly in the Key Editor (in this case dragging them ‘early’ so as to offset the lag of the samples) but ultimately I still want the display to appear as I entered by mouse - ie display quantised.
Is there a way?


Well, depending upon the amount you need to advance the individual notes (i.e. if it isn’t too far away from the desired notation position), you should be able to use the Score Display Quantize tool, to set a longer note/rest value at the start of the precedent note (then reset afterwards, if necessary). It’s a bit “fiddly”, but not much more so than dragging the individual notes in the first place :wink: ). Go through from left to right.