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I have a document with 9 flows, 9 songs for voice and piano. First song is completed with the desired layout, (3 systems on first page, 4 systems rest of page). The other songs with ideas and half-finished phrases.
Two questions:

  1. Is there any way to lock only the layout of the first flow? it seems any change I made to any of the flows affect all document, e.g Sometimes I try to move a measure to the next systems and an additional system is created on same page making the whole thing unreadable, I tried “reset selected frames/systems” but with no results.
  2. Also is there any way to have for the whole document 3 systems for first page of the flow and 4 systems for the subsequent pages? I found only the options x systems/per page.
    Many thanks
    Dorico 4, Mojave, MacPro (late 2013), 64GB Ram

Does each song/flow start at the top of a new page?

If the measure you are moving is not in the first flow, and you have set each flow to start a new page in Layout options, subsequent changes should not flow backwards.

Unless you need to send the songs out to people as you enter them, my suggestion is not to try to format the rest of the songs until you have entered them all (as tempting as that is, I know).


True dat

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Thank you,
Yes, all the songs start at the top of a new page. It seems the final layout will be formed with the completion of the composition! However, composition process can be messy and chaotic and Dorico doesn’t need to reflect that :slight_smile: It would be nice if we can have a layout as we want it from the beginning (e.g 3 system first page 4 the other ones).

Engrave mode’s Frame Break option will be your friend here, but as far as doing systems per page automatically, that is not yet possible.

However, carefully setting the appropriate staff space size and default gaps between staves and systems can get a long way towards your goal before Frame Breaks are needed, depending on the consistency of your music.