lock position when creating generic markers

Hi all,
Just starting out with WL8, afters years of working with WL6. Skipped WL7 because of the bloat and especially because of one missing feature that’s essential for my editing workflow. It’s also missing in WL8, as far as I can see.

When creating a generic marker during playback with Ctrl Ins, there is a “Lock Position” checkbox in WL6. It creates the marker on the exact time position when the create marker dialog was called. It’s missing in WL7 and WL8. Is it possible to restore this checkbox, or is there anywhere else in WL8 a setting that recreates this essential marker dropping feature?

Well, else it’s back to WL6.1.1. for windows 7…
thanks and cheers, Peter

You can lock the markers from the list, after they are created. The lock check box has nothing to see with the marker time… But I think you rise an interesting point: the marker time should be the one when the dialog opens. I will change this next version.

That would be great! Do you have an ETA for the next version?
Cheers, peter