Lock sample rate and bit depth

Hi, is there a way to make sure that Cubasis does not tamper with the project audio quality settings? For example, if I set the the project’s sample rate to 96 kHz and the bit depth to 32, I want it to stay that way no matter what is connected to my iPhone when I open the project. Now it seems that Cubasis changes these settings at will.

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The available sample rates in Cubasis are dictated by the hardware device in use.
To learn more, please have a look at our dedicated Revised sample rate handling in Cubasis forum article.

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Read the other thread. So, if the original sample rate for the project was 96 kHz, the files are actually not converted to a lower sample rate but only played back e.g. on 48 kHz or 44.1 kHz? I would still prefer a way to lock the sample rate to a certain value. Current method causes that I constantly need to check whether Cubasis has at some stage lowered the sample rate and decided that I want to record new tracks e.g. on 44,1 kHz instead of the original 96 kHz.