lock the divide track lis


I was wondering if anyone found a way to lock the divide track list


No. But I’m unclear what that would even mean in context. What are you trying to prevent from happening by locking it.

Do you mean locking it so that the tracks within it don’t move / scroll up or down and stay static ? If so I agree. I soften find that sometimes my arrange or marker track has scrolled out of vision sometimes without me realizing so I then have to go back to the top of the screen and scroll it back into view. And I wish it could be locked into place. It’s a bit annoying.

Yeah that is annoying. I used to only put specific Tracks in the top (Marker, Chord, similar) and then drag the divider down so they were all always visible. But that consumes a fairly large hunk of screen space, which is also annoying. Nowadays I’ve pretty much given up using the divided list. Now I just drag, for example, the Chord Track down to be next to the Track(s) I’m working on. I find it less organized but more functional.

That’s interesting as that’s the exact same approach I now take with chord track. The divider track is super useful though. Some kind of fixed locking option I think would be really useful though. So no matter what resizing of tracks you do elsewhere these always stay the same and arrange themselves to a locked size within the divider, or some kinda version of that.

I’m not totally certain, but wouldn’t locking the individual Tracks in the top stop them from resizing. Still leaves the scrolling problems though.

You could post locking as a feature request.

I was thinking that it would do both. Ie lock them in place and also give you the option to resize them within that divided area, but separately to resizing tracks in the rest of the arranger. So you could make the divider tracks as thin or thick as you wish whilst locked in place so there is no scrolling movement.

I was playing around with this and Locking a Track does not keep it from resizing. :frowning:

But how are you going about changing Track Heights? Because when I tried it the top and bottom sections resized independently (e.g. if all Tracks are initially 2 high when I change the bottom to be 4 high the top remains at 2). Both the top and the bottom have their own set of Track Height controls.

Ah forget what I said, I misinterpreted what you wrote. It is as you’re finding it.