Lock to Duration does not turn-off when... (Bug or feature...?)

Hi fellows,

Doricos “Lock to Duration” feature (which I love and use all the time) is responsible for 90% of my typos.
Is there an option to have it at least auto-turn-OFF when switching instruments? Best for me would be: OFF when leaving note input…
I’m on WIN10 with latest Dorico 4.2 and I always and only use pitch before duration input.
We’ve discussed it on the Facebook page, with no conclusion. There is also a video I made:

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Don’t think so, sorry!

Do be aware that if you used force duration during entry, you can select a batch of notes and press o and it will turn force duration back off for those notes, so tied notes will reconsolidate after the fact.

The conversation really is about Lock to Duration, and the behaviour seems to be specific to having both Pitch Before Duration and the Select Tool set.

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Whoops. You’re right.

This isn’t a bug, as such, but it so happens that when duration before pitch input is active, double-clicking to set the caret always sets a note duration, which has the effect of toggling off Lock to Duration. When pitch before duration input is active, double-clicking to set the caret doesn’t set a duration, so Lock to Duration is not cleared. However, I agree that it should be, and we’ll look into changing this for our next update.

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