Lock to duration without auto-advancing?

I’ve entered a simple rhythmic line. Now I want to change its notes - but I want it to behave as “pitch before duration” where I can enter the notes, and then press something to advance the cursor to the next note.

I tried “lock to duration” + “pitch before duration” but the cursor always advances after I play a note.

Is there a way to “lock to duration” but only have the cursor advance once I’ve confirmed the notes I want?

No, there’s no way to do this at present.

You could try the arrow keys?

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Arrow key goes back by grid, not the just-entered value. Plus, notes-back-notes-back-notes-back sucks. But thanks for the suggestion!

Hmm…my arrow keys jump from note to note, both ways. And TAB jumps from note to lyric.

I’m in Pitch Before Duration mode (my default method).


In Pitch Before Duration, I select a note, alt-up/down/left/right to change the pitch/position, then press the right/left arrow key to advance to the next note. Seems perfectly fine.

alt-up, of course, is not entering notes with a midi keyboard.

Anyway, Daniel said it’s not possible, so I have no need to go back and forth on this.