Lock Track/Folder Size / Zoom Independent Tracks

Hide feature is great. Sometimes I sort of want to keep things more on hand without forgetting about them/what they are exactly. It would be great to be able to lock certain tracks/folders to a minimum size so that vertical zoom does not affect them - just to keep them there but out of the way and tidy, and sort of signifying they are “put aside” for the moment.


Yeah, this would be especially nice for folders, whether open or closed, they just don’t need to be the same width as audio tracks - same goes for groups and FX channels. They all take up unnecessary real-estate but at the same time, you might want them in view.

it is sort of already possible.
you need to use the arrange window seperator, a very small little symbol at the upper right corner, to make a split screen. this way you can zoom the upper part and lower part of the screen independently. Propably a bad description this… but hey
Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 14.40.29.jpg

Yeah, I’m aware of the separator and it’s separate zoom. But I’d like to be able to toggle lock size for individual tracks. Like If I size 8 channels of drums to be narrow, I want to lock them in that state. Or maybe I always want the vocal track to be wide, so I make it as wide as it will go and then lock it to that size. Sometimes I print analog delay tracks and do a bunch of passes, end up keeping one, but like to keep the others close, would be nice to size them down to absolute minimum and lock that size. Just a few examples.