Lock video clip to measure

i am scoring a feature movie. In the beginning of the project I have the whole movie in one piece, all synchronized and ok.
I like to score just parts of the movie, so i extract the portions of video (by simple trimmimg in cubase) and i move them behind the whole movie. Is there a possibility to lock those small portions of video to be locked to a specific bar? I mean, when i change the tempo somewhere, it moves all subsequent portions of video from the bar where I previously put them.

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This is what is the track’s timebase good for.

If the timebase is set to the Musical, the track’s Events/Parts starts are linked to the Bar+Beat.

At the other hand if the timebase is set to the Linear, the track’s Events/Parts starts are linked to the Time.

Edit: But the Musical/Linear timebase switch is not available for the Video Tracks. The Video Tracks are always in the Linear timebase.

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…also have a look at this workflow idea:

Here is a sort of workaround using Track Versions

In short, use 1 track version ID for each cue, with all the tracks, tempo, sig, chord included

  1. Set all the tracks used for all the cues to the same track version ID (Assign Common Version ID), then move each cue into its own track version.
  2. To work on individual cues, navigate between versions using the commands, _Select tracks with Same Version I_D, followed by Next or Previous Track Versions, or by clicking on the Track Version name in the inspector’s Track Version tab.
  3. Add an audio track set to Time Linear (I’ll name it “rendered cues”) that does not have versions, and render-in-place your cues as you go along, moving the renders to the rendered cues track. This permits you view the film continuously with all the sound and music, but your cue edits are safe, and ready to edit, and tempo changes will not interfere with each other, since they are in separate versions.

is it possible to set video track into Musical timebase? If so, how?


Oh, I’m sorry, this is not available at the Video Track.

Video tracks are always linear time. The frames can’t follow the musical tempo.

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Maybe a workaround helps?
Create position markers where you would like the video events to be starting.
Once you change the tempo you can manually move the video events back in place using the markers as a reference and snap point.


Changing tempo:

Manually placing back, with Snap Type set to “Events”: