Locked parts

I’m running Cubase Artist 6, and I’m unable to edit a certain MIDI part. I notice that the part has a padlock icon, but I don’t recall ever locking it.

How can I unlock it? The manual says to choose Unlock from the Edit menu, but when I selectit, the Unlock option is greyed out. I’ve attached a screen shot.

Almost the same here: I want to unlock locked tracks, MIDI and instrument tracks I locked in my old 6.5 version now in 10 Pro but it’s impossible. In another German Forum nobody has a clue though one of the guys simulated the problem by locking parts in CB5 and was flawlessly able to unlock it in CB10…

I figured it out. The parts were locked because the virtual instrument itself was locked, although I have no idea how that happened. I went to Devices->Virtual Instruments and then I was able to unlock the instrument.