Locking Frames

I’m struggling with locking frames.

How does one lock a frame and is there and indicator (a signpost?) to show that it’s been locked?

Any help would be much appreciated…

When you lock a frame, there are actually many signposts that appear — unless you have hidden them in View menu… At the beginning of the frame, there should be a frame break and at the beginning of each subsequent system, a system break. And a new frame break at the beginning of next page. Each of these breaks have the “wait for next …break” ticked.

Thanks Marc - I suspected there would be a signpost but as yet I’m not even managing to lock them. I’ve tried selecting the Frame I want to lock (using Frames, the second icon down in Engrave to highlight it) and then heading back to Graphic Editing (first icon - where Frame locking is) to click the Lock Frame icon - but that doesn’t appear to work. I’ve tried selecting an item in the frame I want, and then clicking on the Lock Frame icon, but that doesn’t work either. Hoe does one lock a frame?

Select an item in the frame, click lock frame button, et voilà!

That’s how I thought it would work but no. Not working for me.

I have the signposts showing and all signposts selected so if I lock the frame I’ll notice it. But if I select a note in the frame, click on Lock Frame, the signposts all stay the same. No voilà…


It Is working, it’s just not working the way I thought it would. As you pointed out, the “wait for the next frame break” was ticked. My mistake was thinking that if I locked the frame that would lock down the contents of the frame as well - and I would have to unlock it to be able to edit it again.

As always, thanks for your help, Marc.

It would be great to be able to lock a section of music, like Adobe products can lock a layer. Keeps a dufus like me from messing up a big score!

That’s exactly what “Lock Frame” does… it freezes all the layout and spacing.

Then I’m obviously not locking it correctly. After I’ve locked it, using the method above, I can go to (example) Staff Spacing and there’s nothing to stop me from altering spaces…

“Lock Frame” doesn’t prevent you from editing the music or the spacing. It only keeps the music, or rather, the bars you have locked inside the frame.

Quite right; I was unclear. You can always monkey with a locked frame. The advantage of locking a frame is that *Dorico won’t monkey with it. You won’t get unexpected changes when you make layout changes elsewhere.

Thanks everyone for putting me in the picture - I was under the impression that locking the frame would, effectively, lock the contents of the page. To be honest, I have less problem with Dorico messing things up than me, unwittingly doing it myself…

Ditto! I’m my worst enemy. Computers are incredibly efficient at erasing (when I hit the erase button).