Locking Sample Rate?

Is there any way to lock the sample rate for every project to automatically set to your soundcard’s sample rate? Including ones that have already been saved. Cubase for a while was making my projects 44.1 kHz by default, now I need them all to be 48 kHz so my ASIO will actually work without locking up my soundcard until I reinstall all its drivers because I keep reading the SPDIF, which is what Cubase gets its master sample rate from apparently, is locked at 48 kHz on my soundcard.

i guess not, since the sample rate being used is stored within the projects, which is normally also the sample rate of the audio files stored within the project. Changing the sample rate needs a conversion of these audio files to get a correct playback. (or the audio will sound pitched)
But it is not that much work. Just load a project once, change the sample rate at project setup, and choose not to change the sample starting positions at the end of the conversion proces and then save the project with the new sample rate. And that should do the job.

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