"Locking" scores in Dorico?

Is there a way to “lock” the notes/scores in Dorico against accidental editing/deleting?

Thanks for your answer and best wishes!

I think all you can do is locking frames and systems: engrave -> format music frames -> lock frame OR engrave -> format system -> lock system

But thats not exactly what you are looking for I think …

Sure. Switch to Engrave mode. :wink:

Dorico has been designed so that ‘accidental’ edits are not likely. You have to press Alt/Option to move things: arrows on their own just select.
Engrave mode doesn’t let you delete notes: you can only change the appearance.

Dorico isn’t like ‘other apps’, where you have to lock every system to stop things moving about randomly.

You should be able to lock a file using your Windows OS.

He said it jokingly but that’s seriously what Engrave Mode is for (very helpful compared to the old days with Sibelius of reserving extra hours when “done” to manually tweak the parts since changing things in one place put things out of alignment in another)…

  • D.D.

While Engrave helps a lot, I’d still like to be able to lock flows individually, like you can lock in InDesign. This lock would affect Setup, Write and Engrave or even Play adjustments for that flow so something doesn’t get bumped, nudged, overwritten… etc. Gives great confidence!

Of course, if you have multiple flows per page this can have side effects on layouts, but one could always unlock for awhile and be super careful.

I do agree with rubberfingers, and I’ve requested this before. I’m sure many of us deal with projects that go through multiple revisions, edits, etc… and I would really like the ability to make the score “dumb” — that is, full manual. If I don’t change it myself, it ain’t changing…

One possible way to do it could be, if the score has 3+ players, saving and opening Dorico as SE. That way you have access to playback and viewing, but can’t edit. Otherwise locking the file at the OS level, like notesetter suggested, could be an option.

Locking the file at the OS position doesn’t prevent you opening a file, accidentally editing something, printing the result, and closing the file without saving.

I think the idea proposed is to be able to work on certain pages without the danger of unintentionally changing those already laid out as desired. Using SE would prohibit any editing at all, which is not what the proponents of this seem to be asking for.