Lockup when transferring C6.5.5 Mix to WLE8

When I do an Audio Mixdown I have the option to open the mix in WL, so I tried to do this as a time saver. The WL window opens with the file and everything looks good - but as I play the file, about 3 seconds into it, WLE8 locks up. To close the program I have to go down to the task bar area and click things a bit. Win7 tells me the program is not responding and gives me an option to close it. I do this and nothing is saved, it reverts to an earlier session, the latest one before I tried to transfer the mixdown file.

When I open the file in WLE8 from the WLE8 program in the typical manner, everything is fine. It just doesn’t like the Cubase connection. Has this been noted by others?

Also another thing to report, when exporting to MP3, the first three times I did this, WLE8 opened a 16bit version of the rendered MP3 file that was saved elsewhere (my normal save place). This was odd, but it eventually stopped doing this and seems to be OK now. In other words, WLE8 does not open or play MP3 files, just as WLE7 did not play them. This is correct, eh?

BTW, I love how the space bar will now initiate ‘play’. On this note, is there any way to create a personal keyboard command to move the curser?

WLE8 is a GREAT program, BTW, not a complainer here. :smiley:

Still reporting an interaction problem with Cubase 6.5.5 and WLE8. If I have Cubase opened, and then open WLE8, as I play audio in WLE8, it will lock up. The only way to get around this is to close Cubase. Funny thing, too, if I open Cubase after the WLE8 lockup, then there is no sound coming from Cubase.

So it must be a conflict with the programs releasing the audio engine/driver. I have both programs set to ‘release driver when program is in background’.

BTW, I did get a chance to look at resetting the keyboard commands in WLE8. The experience left me slightly overwhelmed as I discovered that the keyboard commands in WLE8 make a lot of sense, while Cubase seems a bit haphazard in comparison. Not clear what to do right now. Haha!