LoFi Lovers

I made this album with Cubase and master it with Wavelab. What do you think about it?


I like the loFi aspect but I personally prefer chiptune better. maybe the percussion line could be lowered if you meant to make it good for chilling
overall nice composition and mix, keep them coming


Thank you! I really appreciate your feedback!

Hi, so far, listened to the first three. Never heard of chiptune, thanks Masoomi! I got a vibe of Amon Tobin; do you know him? Cool stuff.

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Never heard of him, but many many thanks for the feedback! Next week I will be drop the second volume!

Hello! Just released the second volume! https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDBa68bSaA3YaDbwgjtulIUgysfQS9IEG

I am big fan of lofi music and added your video to my work playlist

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Many many thanks! I appreciate it! :heart:

Hello! The song was released:

Any feedback (specially about the mix) is welcomed!

Thanks verymuch! I appreciate it!

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It got this Akira Yamaoka vibes (Silent Hill series, especially SH2 and SH:Homecoming).
I really appreciate your work Alexandru, good work!

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Wow! Having this feedback from another musician it makes me very happy and I am honored! Many many thanks!

If you want to have a listen I have a lot of new songs right here:

Many thanks again1!!

I’ve listened to the 6 tracks, they are really good!
My two favorites are “Sounds of 90s” and “Lost”.

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Thank you! :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands: