LoFi Piano missing license

Cubase Pro 12.0.52 Macbook Pro mid 2015- 10.14.6

Hi there
I’m having an issue that the free Lofi Piano plugin keeps losing its license.
I keep getting the NO LICENSE FOUND popup.
When I follow the links, I end up in a deadend on the Activation Manager webpage.
The product doesn’t show up in the Activation Manager application.
And I was still using it last week…

Any suggestions welcome!
Thank you!

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Do you have the license on a dongle or the eLicenser? You should be able to see your eLicensed products in your My Steinberg account:

Screenshot 2023-07-14 at 08.49.35
The product is listed under my e-licensed products but I can’t use it…

It’s a good sign that it’s there. Have you also opened the eLicenser program and done maintenance & synchronization while connected to the net? Do you have the latest version of the eLicenser?

Looks like latest version was June 2023:

It says here that the Activation manager "allows you to manage Steinberg Licensing licenses, introduced in January 2022. Previously released programs still use the eLicenser Control Center for license management. "*

So the Activation Mananger shouldn’t be stoppng you from using it if the license is sitting in your eLiceneser – at least that’s what I’m thinking…

You can now activate LoFi Piano on Steinberg Licensing free of charge.

The first thing to do is look in the Vouchers section of My Steinberg - you may have a Download Activation Code there that you can enter into Steinberg Download Assistant. If you do not have a LoFi Piano voucher, request a new LoFi Piano licence.

Make sure that you download any updates for LoFi Piano in Steinberg Download Assistant, as an outdated version might not work with a Steinberg Licensing licence.

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Hi wildschwein

Thank you for the advice. I did the maintenance on elicenser and then got the following popup:

Which has stumped me as I am still on the same macbook since 2015… :man_shrugging:

The plot thickens. Have you changed any hardware recently? I had that error once.

Did some searching and found this:

Other answers I could find say things like making sure you have the latest version of the eLicenser installed. Can’t find much else. @Martin.Jirsak is often quick to offer advice with such issues.