Lofi piano won't run without the dongle

Just upgraded to Nuendo 12 from 11, and so far it seems like all my VST sound libraries except for Lofi Piano (that was a free download in december 2021) are working without the dongle. Is there a way to transfer this library to the new licensing system?

I am assuming these “VST sound libraries” are the ones included with Nuendo? If so, they would be covered by the Nuendo license.

LoFi Piano is an independent license not currently supported by the new Steinberg Licensing system. Therefore, if you have the license on a USB-eLicenser the dongle is still required to use it (among many other Steinberg products which haven’t migrated to the new system).

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You can put LoFi piano on a soft eLicenser. Get a new license, unplug your dongle, and register it to the soft eLicenser. Then, you won’t need the dongle plugged in to use it.

If the dongle is plugged in, the license gets put on it. You have to unplug the dongle before activating the new license.

Thank you! That’s helpful. Didn’t realize you can get two licenses of it.