How can I move the lofi piano license from usb e-licenser to my computer (soft licenser)

hi. i’m just update to cubase 12 and remove the dongle.
but lofi piano doesn’t work without dongle because the license in the usb e-licenser.
so i try to move / remove the license and find some info about this issue. but can’t do it.
please help me.


The same for me, I updated to Cubase 12 and have the same issue and not only with LoFi Piano,
I want to get rid of the USB-License


if i wait in here, the steinberg supporter will answer to us? lol

I have the same problem, every time I start Cubase an alert appear to me and I need to press OK.
Me too need to know the solution. Anyway you can add a “issue” tag to your post.

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It is not possible to “move” a license from the USB-eLicenser to the Soft-eLicenser. You will need to wait for Steinberg (if, and when) to provide licensing through the new system. Until then, the dongle is required for all “legacy” products.


thanks for the answer!

You’re welcome (even though it is probably not the answer you were hoping for).

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halion 6 and extentions no donggle please

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Same here. I thought that this was done already but no. I still need to use the #&*$)@ dongle for HALion, HALion Sonic, GA5 and all the additional purchased libraries. Crap … but I think Steinberg will change that soon :slight_smile: . I really hate to remember everyday to bring the dongle back and forth between my work and home.

Ha anyone find the solution to this issue? or LoFi piano still there on the USB dongle?

No solution as yet, unless you get another Lo-Fi piano licence and put it in a soft eLicenser. You cannot move eLicenser licences from a USB eLicenser to a soft eLicenser.

I would expect content packs to migrate to Steinberg Licensing once HALion 7 (and therefore presumably HALion Sonic 4 and HALion Sonic SE 4) has arrived.

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