LoFiPiano - another SDA oddity

Yes, thanks for the free gift, Steinberg, no complaints, just happy for that.
But! What’s that thing? DAC > SDA > enter CODE > get a License > eLicencer is registering it > Download the content/instrument > open to register it in SLM > finally made it through.
Now SDA list 3 products for me as a Cubase 11 Pro owner:
-Cubase 11 Ai
-Cubase 11 Pro

I am owning few more licences in my eLicencer USB pool which are not showing at all in SDA.
What a chaos! If that’ll be fixed with Cubase 12’s new licensing model I’d be surprised. It may give us an outlook of an upcomming licensing nightmare! Seems like if products are installed in a new version of SDA by using a DAC (which I have never used though for Cubase 11 (Ai/Pro) it will show under my products. But then, later it may vanish, as I had done the same with GuitarHarmonics (DAC entered via SDA, but not showing under my products). Getting a headache from this.

I am sure poor people at Steinberg support will be bombarded by licensing stuff once Cubase 12 came out with it’s dongle free licensing model (which is still hard to understand for many by today).

Congrats coders!