Log in problem

While trying to download Spectra Layers onto my Mac air, the Log in tic box just revolves and revolves and hangs .
Nothing cures it. Java is ticked.
Any cure for this ? It’s a silly problem and I’m surprised Steinberg allow this to happen.

If for some reason you can’t use the Steinberg Download Manager, you can simply download SpectraLayers directly here: SpectraLayers 10 Updates and Downloads | Steinberg
Do not forget to activate your license in the Steinberg Activation Manager.

Its just a nightmare…I got spectra downloaded but this activation thing is ridiculously over complicated…I haven’t a clue how to activate it or even if I have too…it says use a second computer connected to the internet….No second computer I think I spent hours on this just trying to get it on on my computer …it looks ideal for me but alas its beyond me. I don’t suppose there’s a step by step guide anywhere ?? If not I’ll call it a day.

Looks like you have some kind of antivirus or firewall that prevents the Steinberg Activation Manager (I assume you have installed it) to connect to the internet. Or your computer is connected through a proxy to the internet, and not directly to an internet access point.
Any way you could disable the antivirus/firewall or connect your computer more directly to the internet ?

Firewall disabled , no anti virus issue … internet connection is standard U.K. major server and I’ve no problems ever before with connections. All work fine . Just this.
It’s frustrating when a company issues an application that looks like what you’ve been looking for and you can’t wait to try and use it , I’m even ready for purchasing on the advertisements alone , but then it’s so frustrating just to install the installer that actually installs the program. As for the activation process, it’s like sitting an exam, thank goodness I didn’t part with my money. Such a shame.