Log In Support Ticket - password not accepted

Contact appears to be a big problem with me & Cubase Support. When I eventually get in to raise a ticket, the support is generally good - there’s always a little delay in response, but it comes in the end. Today, I’ve tried a number of times to log in to raise a support ticket, and failed with the message, ‘you have 3, 2 and finally 1 more attempt, before we lock you out’. I’m exasperated by the relentless idiocy of it all. I appreciate there’s always security needs, but why is everything so pompously complicated and unreasonably beaurecratic and twisted?

So, how do I change my password for the login that gets me to be able to login to the appropriate Steinberg portal that gives me the opportunity to actally raise a ticket?

I’ve only one chance left, and if it fails again, how are you supposed to contact Steinberg to get them to allow you a new password?

I’m pretty sure, from past experience that login to this forum is different, so accordingly, I made sure my password was the same for whichever portal I was logging into

The accounts for the forum and MySteinberg account (and, for that matter, the Steinberg Shop) are definitely different. But, as you say, you could set them up with the same ID/Passwords.

The place to submit a support ticket is in your MySteinberg account. When you first click on the MySteinberg link there is another link to “Reset Password”. Click that, enter your email and they will email you the info to reset your password. Pretty simple really.

Regards :sunglasses: