Log Into Cubase LE5 (And LE6)

Hi, can anyone help…after using LE5 / 6 for a while with no problems, i go to log in one day and get the following message…

Application ‘Cubase LE 5’ has caused the following error:

DCOM connection to program ‘Synsopos.exe’ failed.
Error:Unspecified error

It then refuses to load…been a frustrating last few days…any ideas???

Thanks in advance…

Yo Bigman…
Synsopos.exe is associated with the older type of syncrosoft licenser software for Steinberg products. Steinberg recommends http://www.elicenser.net/en/ as the newer, better type licenser. Syncrosoft was originally included on my Cubase LE4 installation CD. I chose not to install it from the CD and instead installed the e-licenser from the previous link. This is also what Steinberg tech support told me in an e-mail.
Try using e-licenser. Uninstall syncrosoft first.

Good luck !!
Joe :smiley:

Thanks Joe, i appreciate your reply.
however i have since deleted / reinstalled everything, and deleted Syncosoft and now get a NEW message:

"Application ‘LCC2’ has caused the following error:



  • Click to abort."

Obviously this says to me that e-lisc is playing up, rather than Cubase…

By way of a follow up, having deleted EVERYTHING, i attempt to reinstall LE6, when it attempts to activate the the temp license, i get the same msg!!!

Big Man…
I had problems trying to get my Cubase LE4 to license, too. I had Cubase LE4 on my old desktop computer and it crashed bad. I got a laptop and tried to put CBLE4 on that and I couldn’t get thru the licensing part and I contacted tech support thru a Support Request Form thru MySteinberg account. They got back to me about 3 days later with a new activation code and the info about the new e-licenser. I tried it and it still wouldn’t work. Then I got a brainstorm…I have windows7 and I know there is alot of new security in windows7. So I went into the firewall settings and allowed Cubase LE4 and the e-licenser control center programs to see thru the firewall. Then everything worked. You might want to try that. You could also send a Support Request Form to the techs also.

With all the posts on this forum showing people struggling with activation, installation, and licensing you think Steinberg would come up with ‘A BETTER WAY’ !!! :confused: :frowning: :angry:

Good Luck !!

There are times when windows7 firewall will not let two programs on the same computer to communicate…