Logged in - No Connection light

I can log in OK (mySteinberg ID & password) & it says Logged in but the connection light doesn’t illuminate next to the logout button.

I can be seen as online in performer & a user search but no-one can connect.

I’ve double checked the Defender firewall permissions & the UDP ports are open. The firewall is off on the router.

At a bit of a loss as to why I’m logged in but can’t get a connection. I’ve tried the studio PC (wifi) and the study PC (Ethernet) and both are the same - logged in but no connect light. I tried the basic ID/pass key method but no-one can connect to me that way either.

Anyone got any suggestions? Thanks.

First step is to login to mySteinberg as you did. Then you do what? You can double-click the name of your friend if it is already in the friends list. If not, you can search and double-click, then go to friends page and double-click.
Or with the ID method, neither of you logs in at all with mySteinberg, but use the ID button on the Studio (Cubase/Nuendo) side which gives you a number to be passed to your friend (phone, email etc) which he then enters and clicks connect button.
If none of this works, what exactly happens when you attempt to connect?

Yeah, we tried the pass number method but that wouldn’t find the session at all. With the mySteinberg log in, I can be found as online but any attempts to connect say both sides should be using the up to date version (we are - 4.0.43). I just thought it odd that I don’t get the green light after logging in - every tutorial video I can find shows that illuminating as soon as anyones logged in using the mySteinberg log in. Just made me think although I’m logged in I’m not actually connected to the servers?

“that wouldn’t find the session at all” - very unlikely, did you make sure to enter the 2 groups of numbers with a space (blank) in between exactly as provided? What do error messages say in either case?
It is indeed strange that the green light doesn’t show, but it should show error messages if login fails.
There are two types of messages reg. version, one is mandatory, one explicitly states version related problems. So pls. let us know the exact wording of messages, only then can we narrow the problem.

Yes, the code was entered correctly. It said I was logged in but had no connection. The name/key method was as described - no message, nothing - not even a connection failed message.

However, after a re-install at both ends we got a connection - via Name/Key - this time the mySteinberg/password method wouldn’t connect!

I need to do further troubleshooting though as the red sync light at my end is very rarely green, but I’m happy to report at least we got connected.

red sync light shouldn’t matter as long as you can talk to each other. It is becomes important when you start transport (playback and/or record), then it matters. The two bargraphs should always show some value, then you should be fine.