Logic Editor To Color Events/Clips/Tracks

It would be nice to randomize the color of existing tracks or by increment or decrement a color number ( of course with wrap around). Currently, the Set Color parameter in PLE can only be set to a fixed value.

Sample Use cases: Say you split a clip into many pieces and you like the neighboring clips/event have different colors for visibility. also having more control over automatic track coloring.

If this is too hard, developers can add “color picker” to "add track dialog window.

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What would be the purpose of this, just curious?

Thank you for the question. Please see the updated OP.

You could create a Macro/PLE combo script that could do this, although maybe not randomly.

May you create & share it, please?

I tried KC, there are only three color related items none of which can color automatically ( just color 1).

Yeah, I’m pretty sure the random part is what you can’t do. I have a bunch of PLE Presets to color Tracks/Events/Parts but they are all to specific colors. As chikitn points out the only option for Colors is to “set to fixed value”

The only potential approach I can think of is to have a bunch Presets to set to specific colors and then to use a Macro to apply them to different Events. Does the color really need to be “random” or is “different” all that’s required? If you had say a series of 10 Colors where each Event got the next Color and then it repeats in the same order, might that work?

I get the idea. In -my- dream world, every time I create a track with the word ‘key’ in the name it would be blue. And yellow for ‘drum’ and grey for ‘vox’, etc. One spends a surprising amount of time on ‘housekeeping’ and ways should be found to automate the look of a project as it grows.

You can do this in a single key press

If you give each color a unique descriptive name (Drums, Kick, Snare, Strings, Viola, Synth Pad, etc.) you can do stuff in the PLE based on those names. Basically you can use the color names as a text tag you can associate with a Track.

I’ve got it setup to Show/Hide all Guitars, or Drums & Percussion, etc.

Yes, gentlemen… you can do those things. But it’s clunky. There should be some sort of ‘intelligence’ or ‘template’ deal where all the settings are automagically created when you create the track. :slight_smile: