Logic has hotkey v that toggles all VST windows. Cubase hav?

Logic Pro has a shortcut mapped to ‘v’ that hides and shows all vst plugin interface windows. My workflow is greatly hindered compared to that in Cubase because I can’t seem to find it’s equivalent of it.

Does anyone know how I can set that up? I tried a few things in shortcut keys but can’t find what it would be called.

Interesting you say this. When I moved to Logic I couldn’t stand the V button compared to assigning a key command in Cubase to open the instrument on the track you’re working on.

To open all plugins on a specific channel:
Alt + Shift + Click on “e”

To close all plugins:
Assign a key command to “Windows: Close all Plug-ins” This can be found in the mixer section of the key commands.

I think the above is the best answer.

As a alternative, if you don’t want to focus a specific channel first, you can also create work spaces for the channels that may have a of inserts or sends. For example, a vocal track might have 6 inserts and 5 sends. Open all 6 inserts and arrange the GUI’s in the order you wish, then assign a name to that workspace and save it. Do the same with the sends. Then when you want to see all tracks on your vocal track open that workspace. This has worked so well for myself lately that I keep the workspace box open because I’m continually wanting to look at different inserts/sends on channels without focusing that channel.

In the past several years, Workspaces have not worked for me because of numerous mix console sizing bugs. But I think most of them have been ironed out.