Logic just got Melodyne ARA!

Cubase 10 next?

we i have to wait (dah)… but dont think its on steinbergs first priorities.maybe im wrong thou(this is actually very stressful times to anticipate and wait before major cubase updates :laughing: :laughing: )

Cubase 10 must have ARA2 support !

Can’t see it having ARA support when they’ve got their own Variaudio

Variaudio doesn’t replace the need for Melodyne. Nor does Cubase do anything similar to Revoice which features ara2 now.

Can’t see how not implementing an easier method of transfer they don’t even have to invent would help Steinberg in any way. When people shop we look for useful features.

Melodyne also sounds better than Variaudio…another reason why ARA2 support would be welcomed

If only iZotope RX would support ARA, then even I would want it in Cubase :slight_smile:

Well, Logic has its own “variaudio” also. It´s called flex pitch.

Lets hope then

While I agree that Cubase should get ARA support, I couldn’t care less about Logic. I’m utterly over Apple and the endless headaches I’ve had over the years (except for the iPhone, which has been pretty good for me). Been a big waste of my money for my DAW work, and I still can’t believe the number of people that buy into the Apple myth, even here in this forum. I’d far rather deal with the idiosyncrasies of Windows than the endless headaches of OSX and vicissitudes of Apple, no disrespect intended.

And as for the whole pro scene with Apple, that’s just bogus today too. I work with professionals in film and music all the time and a huge number have migrated to Windows, so there’s no advantage on Macs. In fact, I dare say that the best composers and filmmakers that I personally know are 80% Windows now.

Logic IMO is growing increasingly irrelevant, despite it’s large market share, just another ball and chain to anchor as many artists as possible to Apple’s ecosystem. But bravo for them for adopting ARA.

The real competition to Cubase has to be cross-platform IMO, and that leaves Studio One, Pro Tools and Live as primary contenders (for different reasons). And of the three, the one with the most potential as a direct challenger is Studio One, depending on whether or not they can finally add key MIDI and articulation tools soon. Which I believe is coming within the next year or so. But Studio One already has ARA2 support and a number of innovative features up its sleeves, it’s evolved into a real contender IMO, and Steinberg can stand to learn a few things from its younger cousin.

But yes to ARA in Cubase.

it will be amazing to have it in the new version 10.

Please Steinberg, dot it, please :wink:

I’d love to see it, too.