Logic Pro for Ipad can route audio in and out. Can we get this functionality for cubasis?

Logic pro came out today and now I can plug in my op1 via usb and set the input audio to be the op1 and the output audio to be the ipad. I can now multitrack with ease in bed using both devices. Did apple unlock this feature for developers in the most recent update? Or are they holding this functionality secret just for logic? I prefer to use cubasis, this functionality would change everything! I hate the monthly subscription model for logic pro and I rather support a company that lets you buy the product for life.

Anyway thanks for your time. You guys are the best!!

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Hi @andrewpmello,

Thanks for your message.

Cubasis includes dedicated audio input and output routings too, depending on the hardware device in use.

Please let us have more details about what you’re missing exactly!


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Hi Lars,

When I plug in the Op1 into the USB c iPad, I open cubasis and it hijacks the Op1 as an audio interface.

When I use the Op1 with logic I can assign the input to be Op1 and output to be the iPad speakers, this effectively makes my iPad a multi tracking device with my Op1. This was not possible before logic on any software I am aware of. Once you plug in an audio interface type device the iPad assigns that as the master audio out automatically.

Is it possible to implement this in cubasis? Do you have an Op1 lying around to test this? I assume you can switch the input and output device if you plugged in any audio interface and used logic. It’s a really great feature and makes my iPad way more usable.

Let me know what you discover. You listen and implement, I’m a fan of yours Lars.

Logic Pro for iPad ‘stepped up’ the audio audio-configuration game by giving us the option to disable (more like ignore) automatic device selection. (It’s always been possible but very few developers have chosen to implement it).

When I disable automatic device selection I can freely choose which of the enumerated devices to use for input or output’ (ie. If I have the Steinberg UR-242 and Audient ID4mk2 connected at the same time I can record from the UR-242 and play back via the ID4Mk2 or the built-in speaker if I choose to).

Currently there’s no way to ‘aggregate’ the devices so I can only pick one input device and one output device from the available list. (I’m quite sure that iPadOS17 when it’s announced next week at WWDC’23 will bring some very welcome audio-improvements).

Also for the internal microphone we have the option to select which of them to use which is super handy, this is also possible to do in AUM and TwistedWave and a few other audio-recording apps.

I’m almost sure that @LSlowak and his team has already downloaded LogicPro for iPad for ‘case study purposes’ :sunglasses:



Hi @andrewpmello,

Thanks for your message and for adding further details, shared with the team.


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Thanks, @Samuel_Lindeman, for sharing that iPad actually does have some auto-config capability that developers could be tapping! For those of us using multiple devices through a hub, auto detect I/O is a major headache on the iPad. The ability to config I/O is one of the Mac’s features I miss the most on my iPad.

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