Logic Pro for iPad - how will Steinberg respond?

Gotta give Steinberg time to come out with a new release. Logic on ipad just came out. Plenty of things Steinberg to add to Cubasis. We don’t know what they are working on. Greg Ondo said they are always working on new stuff. Maybe a chord track of some sort. You have Spectralayers, Wavelab, VST Connect Pro, Cubase, Dorico etc in Steinberg’s portfolio. Plenty of cool stuff they could add (if it fits).

I’m happy to sit and wait :sunglasses::beer:

The “cool stuff” isn’t in question. They do have a fantastic portfolio of great technology.

The question is how much Steinberg brings over to the mobile platforms. Apple has laid down the gauntlet by cleverly porting their crown jewel nearly functionally complete to a fully touch-enabled UI on the iPad. Will Steinberg step up and meet that higher bar? Will they devote more of their resources to IOS and Android?

Would they do it at no extra cost to us users? Or perhaps go further and create a new Cubasis 4?..…I haven’t really exhausted C3 yet!
After moving over from Cubase on desktop to Cubasis on iPad, I found I missed using the tempo track and the ability to add time signature changes.
Logic Pro is not available here in the uk at present so I haven’t had chance to try it, but then again, I’m not sure if I really want to, as I wrote above- my synth apps will sound the same on both DAW’s.
I shall still sit and wait :sunglasses:

@fixitmania53 I would be willing to pay a subscription if that’s what it would take for Steinberg to make Cubasis a “complete DAW” with busses, track markers, takes and “real” Mackie support.

That said, given what I see now, I am extremely likely to switch to Logic Pro for iPad.

@LSlowak don’t give up! There is a market for a truly cross-platform DAW. Apple will never deliver that!

Logic Pro is available now in the uk, I have read through the specs and features, I have decided to stick with Cubasis3., I can’t find any reason to subscribe to LP, it would be like having two cars with equal performance and qualities…… I had two brilliant watches, I liked them both so much and couldn’t decide which one to wear so I ended up wearing both at the same time, I don’t want to have to make decisions on which DAW to use when in reality they both do the same job.

They have been devoting their resources to IOS, and Android already. It depends on the demand I’m sure. They aren’t just going to do it to do it. I use my Ipad pro with Cubasis (most used), Logic, Beatmaker 3, Korg Gadget, Imaschine 2 etc. Out of all of them Steinberg are the most consistent with updates for IOS, and many of the few that have a product like Cubasis on android.

Beside owning that I use Cubase 12, Wavelab Pro, Absolute Collection, Spectralayers, and with all that plus exchanging technologies with Yamaha I’m sure some great stuff will come to future versions of Cubasis.

For now it’s still a great app to make music with, and if you feel like Logic fit’s what your doing then just buy it and use both. But I’m going with more frequent updates with Cubasis then apple with Logic down the line.

I have spent most of this morning (3.20am at the moment) watching YouTube videos on Logic Pro and in my honest opinion it looks like a souped up GarageBand.
GarageBand band was aimed at the beginners, and I can’t think of it or Logic Pro as anything else, LP may have more whistles and shiny knobs for a monthly subscription, but for me Cubasis 3 will always be my professional DAW.
I started using Cubase VST 32 and progressed to Cubase SX2 with a large collection of vst instruments. I stayed with SX2 from 2007 til 2013 when I purchased the first version of Cubasis on my iPad 2. I still go back to SX2 now and then mainly to use Melodyne DNA, but CB3 is my main DAW. I wish I could get Massive, FM8 and Trilogy Bass synth on iPad, these are what I miss from SX2 :unamused:

How great is it that we now have 2 solid DAW options in the tablet market? Yeah!

I have not yet downloaded LP, there are a number of bugs and missing features according to the write ups on YouTube, to have a months free trial with something containing teething problems, although only minor, prevents the user from fully appreciating a fully working model and what it should be capable off, as I said before……I shall sit and wait :sunglasses:

I have just watched the tempo track being used in Logic Pro on YouTube, not only can you slow or speed your project up in different places by drawing in points and curves, any audio tracks will also track the changing tempo perfectly, this is a game changer for sure.

After using Logic Pro for some days now, here’s what I think so far.
Yes it has tempo/signature/key tracks., true busses and you can route a track to be recorded into an other track, multi takes recording and easy to access the takes.
I really like the keyboard scale feature and being able to play one shot samples in the sampler using flex so notes don’t speed up or slow down according to the pitch.

Cubasis 3 on the other hand has features like midi routing, auv3 multi out, multi-core processing, Mackie l/HUI control, midi learn and easy to learn interface, multi takes recording (but it’s a bit tricky to access the takes).

Both apps lack advance audio editing like audio warp, Logic however does provide audio quantise.

what we need to remember is that logic is £59 a year if you go monthly or £49 if you do a year subscription.
Meaning it’s more expensive than Cubasis, with £50 one time purchase I don’t think we can expect it to have everything.
What Steinberg could do is release the updates and charge between £19-£29 as an inapp purchase or also go subscription mode. So they get some sort of revenue from the app.

The only thing that makes me rethink logic over Cubasis is the sampler with flex option. I don’t do tempo and key signature changes and in regards to busses and routing audio tracks, I can do that with Neon audio editor.

@Paako LP iPad does have Auv3 multi-out, multi-core processing and very nice multi-take recording. In fact it’s very easy to access the multiple takes in the “Takes” folder in LP.

Out of your whole list, the one that all my research and testing confirms is currently missing from Logic Pro is support for control surfaces, whether Mackie or MIDI learn. In truth, as a few of us have reported here (and practically begged Lars to fix), Mackie support is next to unworkable currently in Cubasis.

I wanted to find reasons to stay with Cubasis, but it’s increasingly tough as I play around with LP and read more.

Not being able to use my X Touch Mackie-emulator for the actual mixing is a shame, but having takes, busses, the fantastic package of plug-in “presets” represented by an Audio Patch, the great built-in plug-ins, the incredible channel strip and the feeling of stability the app gives on my particular 2018 iPad Pro are tough to ignore.

The key thing pushing me over to LP iPad is that things just seem to work as far as I can tell and as reported in multiple forums.

Cubasis 3.5 may be great for EDM or “content creators,” but if you’re trying to use it like a traditional DAW to build a song and record analog audio (vocals, keyboards, guitars, etc.), there are real functional holes.

Interesting. I’ve searched through the manual and there’s no mention of AUv3 multi out. I’ve tried with Drambo and Koala multi out but no luck.
Cubasis could definitely do with a more organised takes recording feature.
I believe Steinberg will definitely bring some new things to the table. I can do without Logic for the sampler and use BM3 as interapp (for as long as it’s supported).
In regards to Mackie control I don’t think Logic Pro has it yet.

@Paako you’ll find the answers to your questions here:

Look at the topic “ Questions about how to do X in Logic, whether Logic has Y etc etc” where one of the participants explains how to use multi-outs in the mixer when adding sends.

I sure hope Steinberg rises to the challenge. Meanwhile, I’m moving a project over to LP iPad and investing in learning it as I construct my template.

@LSlowak your product has many fans and loyal users. Keep them by making Cubasis competitive with Logic Pro. At the moment, it’s not a race. It seems Apple has won.

Thanks for the link. I don’t believe Apple has won Yet. Each app has its pros and cons.
Let’s see how Steinberg responds. If they find a way to make Cubasis profitable, I believe I will see a lot of improvements.

They haven’t “won” the game, but they have won me over. More of what I need is working right now on my iPad, and with fewer frustrations.

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The multi out feature only works with the multi sampler and you need macOS for that to work which is not ideal for people without a MacBook.


“I figured it out! You have to manually create aux channels (by adding sends to an existing channel). Then in the mix view, you can select the input for the aux channel as one of the outputs of the multi-output instrument. Repeat for each output you want to track separately. Kind of tedious but you can group all the channels into a summing stack then save it as a patch, so you only need to set it all up once.”

Just been on Audiobus forum to look at some answers:
FriedTapeworm wrote -

“# Apple’s Cruelty#
From my understanding, iPadOS 16.5 has broken the lightning camera connector’s ability to connect to external controllers. At the same time, Apple finally releases Logic Pro for iPad, but requires us to update to 16.5, thus possibly losing the ability to use our midi controllers. Does anyone else find this as cruel as I do?”

:thinking: I have a third party camera connector on iPad Air 4 and it works perfectly with iPadOS16.5 (Cubasis 3), I also connect a third party 4 port usb hub to it, I only have a connection issue with my Impulse 61 keyboard, but that has been solved by using a free app called Midi Wrench, it monitors and acts like a patch for midi controller connection issues……well worth getting just to see what’s going on with midi.
Apart from that I am still sitting on the fence. I do agree with paying for updates in CB, some users probably won’t use all the features that Cubasis currently have, and therefore they will have a choice whether they need this “new” update, I like the idea of the one shot sampler instead of having to using multiple samples spread over a keyboard range to avoid the ridiculously fast vibrato in a flute sample at a higher pitch for example.
Pitch quantize is something I would definitely use…….but as I mainly use Cubasis3 as a hobby/passion in my retirement years, I can’t see the point in paying a subscription for something I can already do with ease, I already own oodles of super AUv3 and IAA synths and fx, I can do everything I want with them, I like to solve a situation rather than “just tap this button and it’s done” kind of thing, I suppose if time is restricted-a “magic button” will save the day, :slightly_smiling_face:
dovjgoldman, This is a good topic BTW :+1:

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