Logic Pro X - Padshop Pro

Hello, I’ve recently installed Padshop Pro on my Retina Macbook Pro, and it works fine with Ableton Live v9, but is not responding in Logic Pro X.

I can select Padshop Pro as an insert AU, and it displays, but then does not respond to mouse clicks. If I click the keyboard displayed in the plugin between notes C0 & E2 the help shortcut menu is displayed. In Ableton this is displayed when clicking the Steinberg logo towards the bottom left (below the keyboard) of the plugin display.

Macbook Pro
Mac OS X 10.8.5
2.7GHz Intel Core i7
16GB RAM - 500GB SSD

Logic Pro X 10.0.6

There seem to be other references on this forum to Padshop Pro not operating as expected with Logic Pro X, but there does not seem to be confirmation of cause nor resolution.

Any assistance/feedback would be much appreciated.