Logic pro X to Cubase

Hello everyone,

Until recently I worked with the Logic Pro-X software, and now I’ve moved to Cubase 9.5.

I wanted to ask whether there is a possibility to transfer works that are in Created in Logic pro x, In to the cubase ?


Can you export Midi and audio in Logic X? Cubase can import .wav and .mid. I think that is about as close as you can get to “transfer.” There is no Logic ProX to Cubase.cpr function.

I’ve never used them but i think Logic can export as OMF which Cubase can import.

Personally I think I’d just export wav files for each track (assuming you can render don none-audio in Logic)).

When I switched from SONAR I used MIDI export or copy (depends on what you want to retain) and OMF export.

LogicProX can export AAF file format, Cubase CANNOT read it.

Cubase can import OMF or Music XML but not AAF. Logic DOES NOT export OMF

Hee is an option: http://www.aatranslator.com.au

As you can see, until Cubase gets AAF you are stuck with:

  1. Exporting your audio tracks from Logic then import those into Cubase
  2. Rendering your VSTis and or MIDI tracks in Logic to audio then export those as Audio Files

"AAF is the new format and contains more information than the OMF. OMF loses the volume automation and names of the tracks when exporting and importing from one application to another. … Most applications for audio and video will support AAF and MXF formats moving forward."

As often mentioned, you could install the Nuendo demo. Import the AAF into Nuendo, save the project, close Nuendo, and open it in Cubase. The Nuendo Demo only counts the time used, so it could last you a long time if you only use it for AAF import and close it after saving.

I do it all the time. I don’t bother with omf. Just exsport your audio as stems and your midi separately then import it into Cubase. You’ll have to set up your plugins and instruments again though.

can you explain to me how to do this? im just export the midi and the paste in to the cubase? it Will recognize the file?
And how can I take a plug-in that in the Logic and move him to the cubase?


Read these replies again, particularly shanabits.

No one suggested copy and paste. They said export from Logic to your computer then import to Cubase from your computer.

Export your midi files in Logic. Save them wherever you wish. Using the IMPORT function in Cubase, and deciding on the type of import, use the import function to bring them into your project page.

As far as VST’s, and as was just said, you can render the VST to a AAF, then use one of many free AAF to .WAV converters…or again as mentioned above use a nuendo demo to convert your AAF files to .wav. Now in Cubase you have the .wav that included the resulting effect(s) of your plug-in.

But if a rendered VST file is not what you wished, then as explained above, you will need to set the VST up again manually in Cubase.