Logical Editor, Controllers Insert/Transform


While I’ve been able to work out many functions offered by the Midi Logical Editor, today I got stumped and hope someone can help.

I’d can’t seem to work out how to insert controllers on a Track (Inst. or MIDI) via the MLE.

I’d like to insert Modulation over a span of, say, two or four measures, starting at 0 and ending at 124. The values don’t really matter, and I might like to use Random Values Between X and Y as well and so on. I’ve tried numerous settings and can’t seem to get the MLE to process common MIDI CCs. I know it’s some combination of Operator Ignorance combined with Operator Error.

Obviously the task can easily be accomplished by recording or drawing in the data, but I’d like to learn how to do this via MLE. I searched the forums and the web, I re-read the Operations Manual and still can’t seem to work this out. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Well, the LE can’t generate new events, it can only process existing ones.

… so, in the Key Editor, use the Paint tool, to create those CC events (doesn’t matter what their values are), then use the Logical Editor to set values between the desired minimum and maximum.

(Sorry for butting in, Steve, but I am just so relieved after a day of internet problems, that I needed to type something, just to make sure that I could! :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Thank you… that glass of beer that is swinging back and forth across the Atlantic is getting seriously messed up! :wink:

Thank you both! I got it sorted out and see how it works now. I used the exact method you described, Vic. I really appreciate the help on this one. it was driving me nuts. Cheers. :slight_smile: :smiley:

If you want to build macros that can sort of create arbitrary events, just make a few really long reference tracks that are full of CC99 (or whatever you want to use, I’d recommend something that you rarely use for anything else) events at different resolutions. Stash them out of the way (with no MIDI input/output defined) in the project. From there you can build project logic editor macros that can steal events from said tracks, insert them where you want them, and then ‘transform them’.

I do wish they’d add a few more things to the logic editor (like creating and inserting arbitrary events).

Excellent idea with many implications. Thank you. I’ll work with that I see what I come up with. I can at least, now, see why that is a good idea. it takes time to build all these things, but the pay off is that the next time I go back, I’m able to take a bigger step because of the setup improvements – talking about Generic Remote, Macros, MLE, PLE, Input Transormer, Note Expression…

I see how it would useful for the MLE to be able to “fill range” with a specified controller or user defined values of some kind, or perhaps other functions of some kind, along with the current – add, subtract, etc. – set. I’m just glad I’m actually getting a little proficient at working with what it already does. heh

Thanks for the quick answer on this, it helped. The egg is cracked and I’m working my way out of the shell. LOL